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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Made some progress...Christmas Rehab ensues

Yesterday I didnt get my walk in, but I did get the Christmas tree down and all of the Holiday stuff down--which for me consists of 13 plastic boxes for the attic, so no easy feat! I also got great joy over using one of those bags that you vacumn all the air out of and it becomes a very large brick--I highly recommend it if you have a gazillion tablecloths etc. 

I also did an hour of my Italian Rosetta stone, which if you have not tried is SOOO much fun---trying to prepare for my trip this year.
I ate the following:

grapefruit half, 3 egg whites, peanut butter sw on wheat, chicken breast, spinach, 2 glasses of wine and a rice krispie treat.

Yes, hardly stellar, but hardly a disaster either!

Today my goal is to GET MY WALK IN and get ALL the Christmas up in the attic.  I like to start the New Year with every thing newly organized and clean.  Luke is getting his drivers license today, so a bit of a milestone for us...sniff sniff--it's too bad I had to bring his Dad to court to do it.  (another story, another time)--he also gets his braces off in 13 days-- time flies, we better enjoy it:)

I weigh in Friday so...better get my big girl pants on here!  Here's to a great day, 68 and sunny.

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