The Day 1 or pre-sore

Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve

Luke is off to Telluride and his father went to the DMV yesterday and revoked his license....back to court we go....Lainie wants to go live with her Dad for highschool--I told her to do what she needed to, but that if she made the decision she would have to stay there for the entire 4 years....Happy F#$#@in New Year.

Beyond the frustration I had 1/2 a grapefruit, 1/2 apple, hardboiled egg and tomato soup with crackers yesterday.

Thats about all I got right now.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Weigh In Day

I am down 1.8 lbs---we like this!  I have figured out that my diet is actually really good--yesterday I had 2 slices of roast beef, a grapefruit and salad with shrimp and vinagrette.  Monica thinks maybe too good-- she doesnt think I eat often enough and I need to eat more.  So I will try to add some avocado and almonds in--on days when I am running fast.

The P90X has arrived and today I will get the equipment to do it--and view some of the tapes to see what Im up against.  Lainie is training for basketball so it will be easy to workout when she does everyday--she does love the gym.

Off to meet the lovely Janet...Psssst dont tell but Mr Luke has his license...and I have never ever seen a happier boy/man.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Best laid plans...

Short and sweet --nothing happened as it was supposed to yesterday.  The drivers license place was packed, I was late to work--suffice it to say NOTHING got done.  I had 1/2 a grapefruit and one of Lainie's tuna packs on the run--nothing else....I see a pattern here.  

We did manage to get Luke's snowboard and boots though, oh and literally destroy my closet looking for a scarf.  (was going to reorganize anyway ..right?)

So today back to the drivers license place, off to work and then I really have no choice but to fix the closet.  So..Ill force myself to have some egg whites for breakfast and bring the grapefruit on the run--and the workout time goes where again?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Made some progress...Christmas Rehab ensues

Yesterday I didnt get my walk in, but I did get the Christmas tree down and all of the Holiday stuff down--which for me consists of 13 plastic boxes for the attic, so no easy feat! I also got great joy over using one of those bags that you vacumn all the air out of and it becomes a very large brick--I highly recommend it if you have a gazillion tablecloths etc. 

I also did an hour of my Italian Rosetta stone, which if you have not tried is SOOO much fun---trying to prepare for my trip this year.
I ate the following:

grapefruit half, 3 egg whites, peanut butter sw on wheat, chicken breast, spinach, 2 glasses of wine and a rice krispie treat.

Yes, hardly stellar, but hardly a disaster either!

Today my goal is to GET MY WALK IN and get ALL the Christmas up in the attic.  I like to start the New Year with every thing newly organized and clean.  Luke is getting his drivers license today, so a bit of a milestone for us...sniff sniff--it's too bad I had to bring his Dad to court to do it.  (another story, another time)--he also gets his braces off in 13 days-- time flies, we better enjoy it:)

I weigh in Friday so...better get my big girl pants on here!  Here's to a great day, 68 and sunny.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 1 or as I like to call it...pre-sore

So....I have prepared myself for this "getting back into shape" or as I like to think of it...as a "god-forsaken journey"--by ordering my p90x, getting a trainer both on line (Monica) and in person..(meaner than a Texas snake --but more about Brenda as you meet her) and printing out the diet and grocery list based off the p90x nutrition book. 

It would appear I am a Phase 1 level 1...which in laymen's terms means believe it or not I am relatively small...which is news to me as I appear to be round everywhere.( as in 5 ft 6 154lbs)  When did this happen?  I'm guessing about the time that my glass of wine and a good Law and Order was far more comfortable than holding on to the bathroom wall as I tried to sit down --out of sheer leg pain. (you wouldn't undestand it if you haven't done it)

Monica has advised me to take the next three weeks on the diet and working out for an hour everyday--to get me ready for the schedule and pace of p90x.  So...I'm going to start with my favorite 4 mile golf course loop today with Zoey the mattress eating labrador.  This is my absolute favorite workout--as it's close to the house--it's a beautiful day--and let's face it, the workout dumps me off at Starbucks. (that's a grande Christmas Blend to you...)  The plan is to add Zumba, elliptical with weights and yoga in as well over the next three weeks.  After two foot surgeries, I'm not sure running will ever be in my plan again....but we will see.

I am in Atlanta mid January, so should be able to actually start the program when I return.  This will give me time to buy the elastics etc that I need.

My diet is a pretty basic lo-carb, mini meal 1400 calorie a day diet---after losing the weight you up the calories to build more muscle....SEE HOW POSITIVE I am on the first day---assuming the foregone conclusion!