The Day 1 or pre-sore

Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 7th ....

Who knew it would be 75 and sunny --big change from last year when my ficus froze!  Went shopping with Lainie yesterday....I go work clothes shopping about 2x a year....its really easier to internet it!..Most disappointing was Nordstrom, where they over billed, and overshipped me.  I bought 5 items and all but one are going back..ugh.  On the other hand bought a cute jacket from J Jill and some jeans and a blazer from Black White Market--that will work!  Hate to say it but my favorite work pants are from the Limited of all places.  Since the lovely Zoey ate a pair of shoes--I could use some new ones.

I have to say, Ive got my diet in great shape--but I really dont drink enough water, and I end up eating one meal--not quite what I was trying to do.  So, I'm going to focus this week on 3 meals and lots of water--the days get away from me, before I know it I had coffee for breakfast and its 5pm already.  Luke isnt home yet and Lainie just left for her Dads...so it's me and the dogs.  Should be able to get in a hike and the gym this weekend.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday is TGIT

I am working from home tomorrow--so a very happy day!

Weighed in 1.8 lbs down--and my goal is to be at least 149.5 by my next weigh in---tomorrow going to grab Zumba and weights and this weekend both days of workouts. 
I had a corn chex and a roasted vegtable salad yesterday--just swamped at work with a workplace violence issue--and did 35 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of weights at gym

Today I had half a cake donut, not because I wanted the donut--just swamped at work and didnt have time to stop working --and didnt PLAN.  So thats what the office had, so I settled.  Tonight Lainie and I are having fajitas.

I have to be in Atlanta on the 17th of January so Id really just like to be down three more lbs.  or 148...

People get so crazy at the holidays my eeoc, sexual harassment and violence cases certainly go up...cant wait to get the total holiday experience passes them by!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another day..another year!

Well, back to work we go!  Lainie and I are off to the gym for some cardio and weights.  My diet stays pretty consistent, it is the exercise that I am really focusing on finding time for.  My job seems to seep in.  Today I have had 2 egg whites and a protein shake--but having salmon and spinach for dinner.

Too early to get on the scale, but honest would be happy with 1 lb!  I want to see the 140s in next two weeks!!!

Luke is having a ball in Telluride!  Hope I can get this drivers license thing cleared up in the next week for him.