The Day 1 or pre-sore

Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 7th ....

Who knew it would be 75 and sunny --big change from last year when my ficus froze!  Went shopping with Lainie yesterday....I go work clothes shopping about 2x a year....its really easier to internet it!..Most disappointing was Nordstrom, where they over billed, and overshipped me.  I bought 5 items and all but one are going back..ugh.  On the other hand bought a cute jacket from J Jill and some jeans and a blazer from Black White Market--that will work!  Hate to say it but my favorite work pants are from the Limited of all places.  Since the lovely Zoey ate a pair of shoes--I could use some new ones.

I have to say, Ive got my diet in great shape--but I really dont drink enough water, and I end up eating one meal--not quite what I was trying to do.  So, I'm going to focus this week on 3 meals and lots of water--the days get away from me, before I know it I had coffee for breakfast and its 5pm already.  Luke isnt home yet and Lainie just left for her Dads...so it's me and the dogs.  Should be able to get in a hike and the gym this weekend.

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  1. don't buy too much...you will be a different size next week!